• 1/5 carbon fiber competitionmotorcycle Model:FJ913(The black carbon fiber)
    FIJON  FJ913 is a professional competition 1/5 carbon fiber motorcycle frame Upgrade with a transparent housing.The POM rims make it much easier to glue the tyre on the FJ913.

    The FJ913 comes in unassembled kit form and requires assembly. The instruction manual provides detailed step-by-step CAD drawings. Requires intermediate level modeller skill to complete.


   Competition grade carbon fiber and alloy

    High quality design, materials, and manufacturing

    Front brake 

    Hydraulic forks

    Transparent shell

    Roller crash bars

    Steering damper

    SB5 compatible rims

    Composite spokes

    Belt drive with tensioner

    Detailed instruction manual

   (Excluding any electronic equipment.Tires) 


    Scale: 1/5

    Version: Kit

    Chassis Length: 422mm

    Chassis Height: 189mm

    Chassis Fix Width: 120mm

    Total Gear Ratio: 9.66

    Middle Gear Ratio: 3.22 (87/27)

    rear Gear Ratio: 3 (48/16)

    Motor Teeth Supported: 25-27T

    Net Weight (kg):


Required to complete:

    Assembly of the kit


    Front brake servo

    Steering servo

    Radio equipment

    Motor and ESC

7.4V Hard case LiPo Battery