• 1/10 Front Engine Design RC Drift Car Model:FJ9
    FIJON  FJ9 heavyweight Drift Car  that redefines the way we drift.  Featuring a true front-motor and belt shaft drive train, the design offers a closer, more realistic weight distribution that mimics the physics of real-world drift cars to To achieve drift effect.

Key features include:


    A custom belt drive with shaft combination that has an adjustable transmission ratio. The front and rear transmission ratio is 1:1.35 by default

    A tougher ride, the FJ9  Drift Car uses more a durable and precise ball head for the push rod.

    Designed from the ground up to realistically mimic a real drift car, the belt drive's front motor and shock absorbers replicate the settings of a real car. With an inward (0-5°) and backward (3-8°) tilt angle, the independant shock absorbers can be set however you choose.



Empty frame version, not included (electronic equipment, housing, wheels)

Material: carbon fiber

Scale: 1/10

Version: Kit

Power: Electric

Length (mm): 257

Width (mm): 190

Height (mm): 96

Wheelbase (mm): 255

Net Weight (kg): 2

Gross Weight (kg): 1.7

Product images: